Rapid prototype development


Image of Mission

Research and engineering in the areas of mobile computing, user interaction, and communication systems.


Image of Specialties

Rapid prototype,
Software and Hardware design,
3D print for prototype


Image of Goal

Research focuses on particularly user interface, and the target is that all users can easily use the interesting gadget.


Gadget Labo has an office in the Silicon Valley of the city of the high technology.
We help various business based on software and hardware development experience in the Silicon Valley.

  • Trial product production of a unique idea
    • Hardware development
    • Software development
      • iPhone application
      • Android application
    • Molding with the 3D printer
  • Various consulting services

Company information

  • Address : 1650 Zanker Road, Suite 125 San Jose, CA 95112
  • President : Shigeyuki Seko
  • E-mail : inf (at) gadgetlabo.com
  • Phone : +1-408-493-0003 (USA)

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